There are many different ways in which you can save the hard earned cash you made from working at your job. You can open a savings account, or even better, a tax-free savings account, or invest in some stocks, or buy some GICs, just to suggest a few ideas. Or, if you don't trust anyone with your money, other than yourself, you can stuff it in a pillowcase and then hide it in the attic. Just pray that your home doesn't get broken into by a robber with a taste for pillowcases.

Another popular route many people take when trying to save money, either so they can watch it grow, or need to save up to afford a vacation, is cutting back on non-essential items such as expensive coffee at cafes or cigarettes. Spending $4 a day on a cappuccino or $20 a week on cigarettes is going to add up over the long run. By either cutting back on your smoking or making coffee yourself at home you will be putting a lot of money back into your pockets.

One area that takes money from your own pockets is bank transaction fees. A lot of major financial institutions will charge you a certain fee every transaction or a monthly fee just so you can handle your own money. Where's the reward in that? Take a hard look at your account set-up to see how much you're being charged in transaction fees and then shop around to find a bank that provides lower transaction fees.

There are also credit cards that will reward you with cash back or points you can use towards buying items such as electronics or groceries. The credit card company will actually give you money or a different type of reward bonus just for using their credit card! Wouldn't it be nice knowing that even though you're spending money you're also getting money back? Depending on how much you spend you can potentially be rewarding yourself with hundreds of dollars in savings.

Those are just a few money saving techniques we can provide you today. Just know there are plenty of other rewarding ways to save money and we'll update our site to include them on a regular basis.

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